Monday, July 30, 2018


It could be called let's make a deal or it could be called collusion. Back in 1989 there was very little development in the south end of Elmira. Not so today. There was no 24 hour truck gas & diesel station at Union St. and Earl Martin Drive. There was no car wash and gas station right beside the south wellfield buildings as there is now on the north side. There was no Voisin Motors on the south side of the wellfield (E7 & E9). All the manufacturing industries due east of the former wellfield were not there in 1989. They sure are now. Is it any wonder that the Region threw in the towel and told us several years back that they had no interest in reviving the south wellfield? Why would they after our local councils surrounded it with heavy industry as well as underground storgae tanks of gasoline and diesel?

Sanyo Canadian and and the former McKee Harvestor have pumping well W3 surrounded on the north and south sides. As mentioned Saturday pumping well 3 like all the pumping wells is located in areas of high concentrations of contaminants. This is very odd if the source is totally Uniroyal at the north end of town and W3 is at the south end. The high concentrations of NDMA and chlorobenzene are also odd as normally plumes are high at the source and quickly diminish as they move further away. Similarly it's always been odd to me to have the highest pumping by far of all the off-site wells at the former wellfield itself E7 and E9 at the extreme south end of Elmira. As mentioned on the weekend, all parties originally believed that the source of the contamination had to be very close to the wells. Hindsight seems to be proving them correct.

Yes Sandy all parties and powers have lied like dogs for the last thirty years plus. They got caught red handed stroking Uniroyal Chemical and treating them with kid gloves only to find out that numerous other local industries were aware of that and decided that they too should belly up to the free bar. The free bar was of course,free, illegal toxic waste disposal. What an attraction for local industry. Even if you get caught you can count on the local politicians in conjunction with the MOE to cover your tracks and put the taxpayers on the hook to pay for a big chunk of the cleanup. How many were there? If you count all the service stations, manufacturing concerns etc. there are easily ten.

Varnicolor are guilty of contaminating the Municipal Aquifer from both their former locations namely 62 Union St. and Lot 91 at the eastern end of Oriole Parkway. Both site investigations were intentionally inadequate and with MOE permission or likely insistence neither explored contamination at depth on the two sites. The Municipal Aquifer is much closer to the surface at Lot 91 and hence much more vulnerable to surface contamination which was both gross and intentional. It is an unholy alliance of professional deceivers who believe that the general population are uninformed rubes who need to be unmercifully exploited and lied to at all times. If we the citizens en masse ever knew the level of misinformation, deception and manipulation being practiced by our local politicians, they'd all be run out of town on a rail. Couls happen yet.

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