Monday, July 16, 2018


Obviously titles are used to attract attention to an article. That said the above title is actually an understatement of the facts. For approximately thirty years that I am aware of Uniroyal Chemical and their corporate successors plus Conestoga Rovers and their corporate successor (GHD) have been gilding the lily, promoting factual fictions, fibbing, truth challenged or whatever nicer words can be used for like dogs. Yours truly has almost made an art form out of exposing their forked tongue inabilities to utter frank and non-fictitious comments and words of at least near truth ideas.

The most recent one only took them four years after being exposed by CPAC and after decades of their own falsehoods. It also took at least a grade six level of technical deceit. Figures can lie and liars can figure. This combined with a dash of junk science combined with a pinch of misdirection and CRA (GHD) have long refused to admit that any groundwater from their east side has ever flowed eastwards onto the Stroh farm. CPAC are you ready. Public are you ready. Lanxess are you and your fellow travellors and councillors ready. In the June 2018 Progress Report, GHD have publicly (gasp & choke) admitted on page 5 that ``...there is a local groundwater flow divide and some SA (surficial aquifer) groundwater adjacent the site boundary flows east.``

I told them this many years ago while on the old CPAC. The latest and greatest CPAC told them this in 2014 and then backed it up with an independent report from MTE Consultants. Only now four years later are they willing to admit the obvious. This folks is why public consultation without serious support from local councils and politicians is doomed. Those even in weak positions of authority such as municipal councillors can not continue to support the status quo, corporate polluters and vested interests (eg. developers & planners) at the expense of the public interest. Those in charge of enforcement of provincial environment laws must enforce them. This means the pathetic and pitiful Ministry of Environment.

Citizens can point the way. The media, especially our sole remaining one in Elmira, need to pick up their socks. They do a good job on many issues but clearly have been silenced regarding Chemtura and Lanxess. That is to all our detriment.

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