Saturday, July 7, 2018


Last Thursday's Woolwich Observer had an article in their July 4, 2015 edition highlighted in "This Week in History". It indicated that the Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee (MECAC) had looked at Sandy Shantz's revised Financial Statements and pronounced themselves satisfied. They hence improperly dismissed my Application for a review and an Audit of her Financial Statements. What "This Week in History" doesn't mention is what came next. It turned out that an Audit of Sandy's Financial Statements was absolutely mandatory by law as she had exceeded $10,000 in campaign expenses. MECAC of course totally missed this and Sandy of course had noooooo idea that by erroneously and falsely reducing her listed expenses to less than $10,000 she had avoided the cost and hassle of a mandatory audit. So either MECAC are grossly incompetent including their Chartered Accountant Chair Carl Zehr OR they knew and acted in a corrupt fashion to thwart Ontario law. Did I mention that Sandy likes to brag that she was a book keeper? Seems like this "book keeper" knows how to keep the books far better than Carl, Sandy or any of the other MECAC members and former politicians.

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