Thursday, July 12, 2018


Indelicately put, it's all about who can pee the furthest from a standing position. Boys invented this game because due to inherent advantages, half the population really can't compete. Now the real tough country boys actually would do this with an electric fence as the target. I always was glad that I was a city boy. Now when it comes to politicians and other assorted bent characters, they have altered peeing contests thusly. They use the courts for their peeing contests. The courts, similar to private enterprises, are always willing to take the business. After all, judges are former lawyers and they know that lawyers really are mostly human and they have to eat to.

Here's however where politicians, school boards, municipalities; you get the picture, have totally changed the rules of the game. No electric fences, no splash, no embarrassment as their shortcomings are exposed. Is this why so many of our male politicians are short? Think of Wideman, Zehr, Deutchman, Cowan, Hahn, Martin, Bauman. Also there is the huge bonus of going to court and not risking one red cent of your own money. After all this is a huge reason for little politicians with big egos and pride, but not much else, to go to court. They are spending OUR money to defend their alleged inherent superiority, intelligence and integrity. They sure as hell couldn't afford to do it on their own dime.

Which brings us to the rescheduled August 2, 2018 court date involving Woolwich Township. Yes that's you and I. But you say we have no dog in any fight with the owners of #86 Auto Recyling and you are correct. This is certain Woolwich councillors and staff who have decided to spend OUR money to teach these out of town, non-Mennonites a lesson. The lesson is to behave like the former owners of this former landfill; which means to be quiet and do as you are told by the Township and their elected representatives, no matter what. Yes the Township have illegally appropriated some of the Rattasid's property for a municipal waterline. No they don't want to talk about it nicely. #86 Auto Recycling have been told and that should be good enough. If they continue to insist that the Township have no right to accessing their land without an easement or other legal means and that the Township has no right in putting conditions on #86 Auto Recycling regarding their use of their own land near the waterline, then in retaliation the Township will spend YOUR last tax dollar in running #86 Auto Recycling through the legal mill. Keep in mind that we have the best legal system in the world, that money can buy. Especially YOUR money.

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