Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Certainly our local newspapers have long ago taken the measure of our local council. The Woolwich Observer in particular have been far less than subtle in their disdain and contempt for Mayor Cowan. Last night's behaviour and decision making at council really has removed all doubt for those of us who had thought that perhaps this council had gelled and matured.

Council held an in camera meeting to discuss three nominees for CPAC membership. Susanna Meteer, Graham Chevreau and yours truly Al Marshall were nominated to full CPAC membership last May 30/13. Susanna and Graham are virtual unknowns to Council with the exception of councillor Bauman who attends CPAC public meetings. CPAC Chair Dan Holt e-mailed the councillors numerous times asking if he could advise them as to the characters and facts behind CPAC's choices. He wanted them properly informed and knowledgeable prior to their decision. They did not respond.

Here are the facts:

1) CPAC nominated me. They believe I am an asset to them.

2) CPAC are the informed body in regards to Chemtura, the Ministry of the Environment and groundwater contamination in
Elmira. Council members do not attend public CPAC meetings with the exception of councillor Bauman who has been there
half as long as the rest of the CPAC members.

3) Over the past 2 1/2 years I have proven myself both publicly and privately to the CPAC members. They respect my
knowledge and just as importantly my honesty. When I take a position contrary to Chemtura, Conestoga Rovers or the
M.O.E. and there is a dispute; I will do the digging and produce the newspaper article, research study or other data to
prove my position.

4) CPAC & SWAT were out last night to support my nomination (& Susanna & Graham). Viv was a little late while Sebastian,
Dr. Dan and Rich Clausi were present.

5) CPAC members were all handpicked by council in the spring of 2011. They include 2 PHDs and one professional in the
field. All members reside in Elmira with the exception of councillor Bauman. CPAC members attend public meetings and all
have proven themselves as capable, reliable and intelligent.

CPAC's informed and knowledgeable position was overuled last night by council's bad judgement. I won't speak to council's motives right now but I will say that their decision is not in the best interests of Woolwich Township. CPAC were entrusted to do the work in the trenches including research and discovery of possible new technologies to clean up the soil and groundwater contamination. Why would a poorly informed council go against the fully informed and honest wishes of their knowledgeable committee?

Yours truly is despised by the professional manipulaters who attend public CPAC meetings. With able assistance from all
of CPAC and recent exceptional performances by Ron and Susanna, I have been slowly dissecting their positions and so
called informed opinions. Chemtura and fellow travellors do not want me as a formal CPAC member because it will only add
to my stature and credibility in the community. Woolwich Council aided and abetted Chemtura last night. In so doing they
have exposed themselves to the further scrutiny of the media, the public and to CPAC members themselves. Council will not
look good in this light.


  1. Woolwich Council as a body looked very bad last night. There were two votes for me (Al Poffenroth & Mayor Cowan). I believe it is appropriate for me to thank Councillor Poffenroth for his sincere and honest vote in my favour.

  2. I have to ponder on last night's vote. Was this vote by the Woolwich Council considered by all to be best action for Elmira or did EGO's!! and showmanship get in the way once again.

    Viv Delaney