Thursday, August 1, 2013


The following Statement of Principles has not been formally uncovered as yet but eventually it will be. These Principles are based upon over twenty years of observing their public interactions.

1) Principles are for lesser mortals. We are pragmatists. Everything is negotiable.

2) Stakeholders exist in name only. The reality is that there is Uniroyal/Chemtura and there is the M.O.E.

3) Between the two of us we can control everything. The public, the media, local councils, CPAC are merely noise.

4) Private meetings between us will be the norm while vehemently denying same.

5) Public meetings are at best for show and at worst dog and pony shows to be tolerated.

6) Public documents such as Control Orders, Certificates of Approval etc. are primarily for show. The real agreements will
be bilateral and confidential.

7) When required and with prior notice we will support each others positions no matter how ridiculous and unsound.

8) Prearranged and privately negotiated falsehoods will be maintained in perpetuity until both parties agree to abandon
the. This especially includes DNAPL denial, Dioxin immobility and hydraulic containment efficacy.

9) Science is merely a tool in our arsenal. When necessary it will be abused unmercifully if it furthers our mutual goals.

10) These goals include supporting each others credibility and reputation. As informed parties know, we have lost both
decades ago; therefore we must be adamant and dogmatic on this issue.

11) Undermining opposition and sewing seeds of conflict amongst them is always advantageous.

12) The public are always to be praised publicly and ignored the rest of the time.

13) These Principles do not exist, have never existed and are to be denied at all times.

14) If despite 13) their existence surfaces please refer to 7) and 10).

15) God Bless government and corporations equally. We rule the world!

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