Saturday, August 17, 2013


I mean really guys. Your neighbours to the south namely Kitchener and Waterloo would like to know what's going through their cities on the way up to Sulco and most especially Chemtura. Instead of helping them, Mayor Cowan publicly states that those companies have already disclosed what is transported by rail. Really? Then why does your fire chief Rick Pedersen turn around and state that he does not receive that information nor has the township asked for it? Who's lying here folks? Oh wait a minute, for a politician being deceptive isn't exactly lying now is it? Chemtura's man, Councillor Mark Bauman
clarifys by stating that trains have industry coded signs advising what's in the railway cars. He states "Every train car and every transport truck is required to have a placard." "There are no secrets. Period." Really? So all the public and or Waterloo and Kitchener councillors need to do is sit by the tracks for the next year or so with the code in their laps and determine railcar by railcar what's being transported. Yeah Mark and Todd, that's really transparent and helpful. Today's Woolwich Observer has the story "Woolwich fine with current state of railway transparency".

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