Friday, August 2, 2013


Today's Woolwich Observer (dated tomorrow Aug. 3/13) has an excellent article spanning two full pages (6 & 7) titled "Making cover" with a sub-title of "Boosting Woolwich's tree cover, because just like us, the places we live benefit from more leafy greens". Trees for Woolwich was launched in 2011 and the Chair is Inge Rinne. Their mandate is 23,000 new trees to be planted by 2016. As challenging as that goal was it is becoming increasingly obvious as to the sheer necessity of increasing Woolwich's tree cover. Woolwich just like Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge are bracing for the invasion of the emerald ash borer. Ash trees throughout the Region are not likely to survive other than a very few which receive very expensive innoculations.

The Township of Woolwich are also very involved with new trees as they are a requirement in all new subdivisions. The township takes over ownership of them after two years during which the developers have been responsible for them. The township also asks homeowners to water trees occasionally, especially during dry spells. So far this summer we have been fortunate with more rain than usual during July. This article tells us all the myriad environmental advantages of trees including cleaning the air, providing shade and cooling and helping absorb heavy rains.

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