Thursday, August 15, 2013


Today's Elmira Independent carrys this front page story "Marshall denied CPAC bid". Three out of five councillors voted against the recommendation of their own committee of council. CPAC as a committee of council (or not according to Chemtura) were all appointed by council to this citizens volunteer committee. To ignore CPACs first hand experience with me as an active attendee and sub-committee member (SWAT) is quite revealing. Mark Bauman is a longtime council member with a history of pro business/pro development bias. When I say bias let's just say that he knows where the money and power are and it's not with individual citizens. He has been slowly exposing his pro Chemtura bias since he joined CPAC a year ago but will be hardpressed to get much CPAC support from here on, on anything. He was the sole CPAC member who spoke and voted against their nomination of me to CPAC membership. While outvoted four to one at CPAC; undeterred he went to Council fully determined to undermine the clear will of CPAC which he did. At council he had the support of an incredibly uninformed and hopelessly inept Julie-Anne Herteis. Her boneheaded comments at public council meetings are slowly becoming the stuff of legend. The surprise was councillor Bryant and it was either that she's been promised something in return (gravel pit support?) or she isn't the person I've been led to believe.

My thanks to Gail Martin who gave a plug to this Blog by giving its' full web address as well as stating " often holds blistering critiques of Chemtura, the Ministry of the Environment, as well as other organizations...". This is the reality. A CPAC member with their own voice both on CPAC as well as off of CPAC is a little too scary for Chemtura and their fellow travellors including Mark Bauman. Note the criticism of myself for years isn't that my facts are inaccurate or my research and understanding of the technical issues isn't spot on. The criticism is that I'm outspoken, blunt, controversial, abrasive etc.. So sad! Honest respectful debate between two parties of good faith is possible. It is however not possible when one party holds all the financial and political power and abuses that power unmercifully for over two decades. That abuse includes buying your own "experts" and being in bed with the so called regulater, namely the M.O.E.. The willingness of Chemtura/M.O.E. and some local politicians to lie, distort and manipulate knows no bounds. This current CPAC have figured out the political/financial dynamics and are acting as honest brokers to the public. For this; if Mark Bauman or a like minded politician are elected Mayor in October 2014, you can count on their removal and restoration of the old Chemtura friendly CPAC with the likes of Pat, Susan and others.

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