Saturday, August 24, 2013


First off let me be perfectly clear about the title. Henry is a friend and colleague and I am very, very lucky to be able to call him both. Therefore when I refer to him as a "character"; in my mind I'm saying that he is strong, intelliegent, blunt, hardnosed and painfully, circuitously honest to a fault. When Henry decides that someone is desperately in need of "correction" than he is just the fellow to administer the medicine. Two days ago I posted here about my sarcastic e-mail to Dave Brenneman, Chief Administrative Officer of Woolwich Township. I took David to task for his discourtesy and disrespect in not responding in a reasonable and timely manner ( 1 year & counting) to a request dealing with Elmira's groundwater contamination. David did respond with an apology albeit with a complaint about my first request for an update four months after the initial request.

Henry's 2 1/2 page response to David Brenneman is classic Henry. He flatters, he cajoles and he then performs a public chastising of the guilty individual. In no uncertain terms Henry makes it clear that pompous individuals in positions of authority have no monopoly on ethics or professionalism. Henry makes it abundantly clear that Elmira has been inundated with "suits" bearing professional designations that belie their inherent fraudulent intentions. He makes it clear that from municipal to provincial politicians, Elmira residents have been misled and deceived. These politicians have jumped onto the corporate bandwagon and have run interference for Chemtura and fellow travellors for years. Henry takes serious rounds out of the likes of Councillor Mark Bauman, Chemtura and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

As is typical however Henry holds out the olive branch at the end. Does Mr. Brenneman and Woolwich Council want to get on board with myself as well as the current CPAC and be ultimately known as doing the right thing? He feels there is still time for them to get at least an honourable mention if the desperately needed mid-course correction in the cleanup actually happens. Henry you are a genius and a friend and I thank you.

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