Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Last Thursday October 20/11 on page A17 in the K-W Record, Peter Shawn Taylor wrote an Opinion piece in regards to Waterloo Region's round about problems. Mr. Taylor writes regularily in the Record and I often don't agree with his opinions however this time he's struck a chord. I have long not understood the complexities of human behaviour. I often see the Region of Waterloo taking positive, proactive environmental decisions only to followed by three steps backwards on the next issue. What's going on? Well Mr. Taylor believes that the problem has a lot to do with status and egos. "It should be apparent to all area residents that both regional councillors and the bureaucrats who work for them put a high priority on achieving national status.". Secondly "Once again Waterloo Region seems intent on establishing itself as a national leader by going farther and faster than any other community.". Finally "Attractive as it may appear to be seen as a leader by your peers, however, regional councillors and bureaucrats ought to remember that their primary job is not to seek glory for themselves but to serve the public competently. The headlong rush to establish Waterloo Region as Canada's king of the roundabout's is what led to the mistake at St. Mary's." I believe that Mr. Taylor has accurately shone a light at what has been going on at Regional Council for a very long time. The egos are way out of control.

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