Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The next CPAC meeting is scheduled for two weeks from tomorrow (Oct. 27/11) to be held in the Woolwich Council Chambers at 6 pm. The following important items have not been discussed at public CPAC meetings and desperately need to be.

1) The M.O.E. were politely and publicly asked by CPAC member David Marks to explain why they have not over the years followed up on "other sources" of contamination to the Elmira Aquifer.

2) NDMA & Chlorobenzene have both been found in the soil at Yara (Nutrite) at elevated concentrations. Did Yara contribute to the shutdown of the Elmira wells via NDMA & Chlorobenzene as well as by the Ammonia attributed to them?

3) This summer's excavations and alleged "work" at the former Varnicolor site (62 Union St.). Soil samples were taken .

4) DNAPL 100' down (subsurface) by the water tower behind (west) Varnicolor Chemical.

5) Name change for the Annual Monitoring Reports. eg. 2010 A.M.R. versus A.M.R. # 29

6) 125 drums (carcasses allegedly) removed from M2 this summer. Soil sample results etc.

7) Upper Aquifer wells should be installed from the former Borg Textiles to Sanyo Canada . These could potentially find the sources of NDMA to well CH38 on the Sanyo Canada site.

8) Important missing items in the CPAC Minutes. To err is human and no big deal. To find a way NOT to correct important errors is a big deal. Discussions of "other sources" by CPAC members as well as requests for action by CPAC members (David Marks) MUST be in the Minutes.

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