Monday, October 3, 2011


As mentioned two days ago the comments of two CPAC members (David Marks & Ron Campbell) at the July 28/11 CPAC meeting did not make it into the minutes. I reread the CPAC Minutes of that meeting, yesterday, and they were a no show. These comments were in regards to "other sources" of contamination to the Elmira drinking water aquifer. One other item which didn't make those Minutes was the request by David Marks of CPAC for the Ontario M.O.E. to provide a Rationale at the next meeting as to why they have NOT pursued these other sources over the last twenty years. Thus not only did David's request not make the Minutes but the M.O.E. certainly did NOT provide any such Rationale at last Thursday's (Sept. 29/11) meeting.

Speaking of both David and Ron the time has come. Many months back, immediately after I got the boot from CPAC courtesy of the Mayor, I took some well deserved (although in hindsight not entirely accurate) shots at him. I also made the assumption that if he was being deceptive in regards to my membership on CPAC as well as with intentional and unexplained delays around CPAC meetings, than his recruitment of two eminently qualified individuals was also a sham. I believe that I suggested that they were on CPAC simply for their qualifications and to give credibility to the Mayor. Well we all know the old joke about assumptions and indeed hindsight has proven that both gentlemen are for real and that I was wrong. Both David and Ron over the last few public CPAC meetings have spoken unpopular truths and facts to the Ministry of the Environment and to Chemtura. They are the real deal and David and Ron I am sorry for my former negative comments about you.

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