Thursday, October 27, 2011


Yup, you got it, Jim Bradley is back as the Ontario Minister of the Environment. From my "Retread" headline above you might think that I didn't care for him as Environment Minister back in the 80's. In fact the opposite is true. He was excellent and ahead of his time, while in a party and Cabinet that were not. I sent him an e-mail yesterday advising him of the strong odour emanating from the M.O.E. here in Elmira regarding Chemtura (Uniroyal).

Back in 1991 the Ontario Ministry of the Environment laid a legal and supposedly binding Control Order on Uniroyal which among other things stated "...that remedial measures both in the form of containment well pumping and treatment, and removal of Uniroyal's source areas is needed in order to clean up the municipal aquifer and stop the migration of contamination, into the natural environment and, from the property.". This Control Order also said "Complete the remedial program for the elimination of DNAPL as a contaminant source by December 31, 1992.".

Flash forward to the present ie. yesterday (dated Oct. 24/11). The Township of Woolwich e-mailed myself as well as CPAC members with the THIRD attempt by the M.O.E. to justify their ignoring of CPAC's unanimous "July 2003 Request For Action". Both in regards to the south-west corner, home of free phase DNAPLS, as well as three other contaminated areas on site, here is exactly what the M.O.E. are now saying:
"ACTION: The area is actually being monitored every 2 years. Next report due March 2012, then determine next steps."

March ...2012. What happened to Dec. 1992 ??? What happened to "...removal of Uniroyal's source areas is needed in order to clean up..." I'll tell you what happened. Backroom deals between Chemtura (Uniroyal) and the M.O.E. . I also believe that backroom deals occurred between a few (or less) former CPAC members and the M.O.E.. You can call these private backroom deals "Tech Committee meetings" or whatever you want. They were not discussed or debated in public in front of the entire voting CPAC members. Minister Jim Bradley, you've got your work cut out for you to clean up this putrid mess.

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