Saturday, October 29, 2011

I have included a photocopy of a June 11, 2004 article in the Elmira Independent the only local Michener award winning newspaper. As a further plug to the Elmira lndependent, let me say that they are the only media in the world to regularily attend and report on the activities of the Chemtura Public Advisory Committee. The only purpose for including the top half of this attached page is to show the date and name of the newspaper. I will now read this article which refers to both the fuly 2003 Request For Action AND a CPAC Motion passed a year later '..
Cleanup to be monthly meeting at cpac by Gail Martin m CPAC's soil and water sub-committee is interested in making cleanup of the Crompton site happen more quickly. At this month's meeting, Alan Marshall, representing the soil and water committee, tabled a motion that would require clean-up of the Crompton site to be discussed at each and every meeting.

The motion was presented because of the slow pace of the site specific remediation assessment (SSRA), said Marshall. "I'm fed up to here with the SSRA", said Marshall.

He noted that CPAC has a motion on file that had been approved by the committee that seeks action on the crompton site- actual cleanup and remediation, not just studies.

The motion was seconded by Henry Regier, and passed by CPAC. Art Fletcher had attempted a motion to defer this item to the next meeting, but that motion failed, for the lack of a seconder.

Later, when CPAC members were taken on a tour of the crompton site, Susan Bryant noted one of the major areas of concern that prompted the motion.

On the southeast side of the creek, high levels of DDT have been discovered, in a deposit of approximately 53,000 parts per trillion.

The soil and water sub-committee contends that this deposit of contamination should be removed, especially considering the close proximity of the creek said Bryant.

"It's just too huge to leave here,"said Bryant. "And it's easy, as far as remediation goes."

Neither the fuly 2003 Request For Action nor the CPAC Motion mandating cleanup discussion at each and every CPAC meeting has ever been rescinded or amended . Both of them however have been ignored, forgotten and or repudiated informally and unofficiallywithout public debate or discussion. I commend this CPAC and all their voting members for bringing this groundbreaking document back to the forefront. I condemn the past CPAC and their fellow travellors for manipulating stickhandling and using political trickery to deflect, delay and destroy the long overdue cleanup of Elmira Ontario. The Ontario Ministry of the Environment represented here today have repeatedly advised CPAC that they the M.O.E would like CPAC's list of priorities. I believe that our M,O.E. have hearing problems. Perhaps their ears are full of background noise courtesy of CRA and Chemtura. Perhaps tleir ears are full of contaminated soil, DNAPLS and Dioxins. Perhaps they are desperately looking for a way out . They are caught between a rock and a sweetheart deal . You the new improved CPAC are the rock. The sweetheart deal is of their own making twenty-one years ago.

Alan Marshall Elmira Environmental Hazards Team

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