Monday, October 10, 2011


Again these comments have to do with the Elmira Independent article published last Thursday Oct. 6/11. Gail Martin refers to "...removal of contaminated soil..." which is correct however included with the contaminated soils are DNAPLS/LNAPLS (free phase chlorinated solvents as well as floating Toluene & other petroleum hydrocarbons) as well as Dioxins. When Vivienne Delaney was referring to only one item on the 2003 list being completed she was referring to the excavation and removal of part of the south-west creekbank and small island due to DDT & Dioxins. References to GP1 & GP2 being underway are correct although the company as usual are delaying both the release of sample results and the physical removal of the Dioxin contaminated areas. Dan Holte's comments "Is Chemtura going to eliminate the sources of the contamination, all of the sources, or is it going to be a battle for each one?" pretty well hits the nail on the head. Based on the company's history, along with the support of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (M.O.E.), it's going to be a long battle yet . That being said this honest, rejuvenated and mentally tough CPAC are up to the job. Finally assigning a vice-chair (David Marks) to CPAC was a very good move.

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