Friday, May 8, 2020


Let's see: Today is my sister's birthday. She turned 80 today. That bodes well for my longevity as my twin brother passed away four years ago and my parents died at 73 and 78 respectively. I am officially, as undiplomatically pointed out by my daughter twelve days ago, closer to 71 than 70. Also my son's birthday is only five days away. Thirdly the Elmira Advocate was launched ten years ago today. I am both pleased and take as a point of pride and a badge of honour that my Blog is despised by many. Many liars, many deceivers, many politicians, many bureaucrats, many involved in both our environmental as well as judicial systems. It is not one's job title that determines whether they hate either me or the Elmira Advocate. It's their behaviour including manipulation of people and facts as well as their aversion to the truth and conversion to "alternate realities", "gilding the lily" or "factual fictions". I, along with the rest of the world, am human. I make mistakes. What I do not do and never have done is intentionally mislead, prevaricate or knowingly provide inaccuracies. Our world unfortunately incentivizes (financially promote's) the best liars among us. That certainly has led to a plethora of unkind jokes about lawyers and politicians. e.g "It's not fair that 93% of lawyers give all the rest a bad name." Substitute politicians for lawyers and you can probably up the percentage to 95.

Yes the world is corrupt through and through. Note I do not believe that the majority of people are corrupt. It's the 2-4% of us who have made their lifetime ambition to be in charge and control of the rest of us, who are the problem. Whether their program has included direct or indirect political control, economic control or other means, that is where the problem lies. If only the other 96-98% of us would only pay more attention. Easier said than done especially when most do not even see or believe the problems facing both human beings and the planet itself.

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