Saturday, May 9, 2020


What a weird title above. O.K. here goes: It's May 9, 2020 and it's snowing HEAVILY outside as I speak. Even deniers of global warming & climate change have to at least be wondering WTF is going on.

The rest of the title is what I will now be discussing. Today's Waterloo Region Record carries the following article titled "THE UNCOUNTED A Six-Week Series". The author, Greg Mercer, was responsible for the series regarding Kitchener's rubber workers and their treatment at the hands of the "murderers" listed in my title above. I apologize for the term "murderers" however anything stronger might be construed as too offensive.

Ventra Plastics, Pebra and now Flex-N-Gate (U.S.) is the name of the company in Peterborough, Ontario responsible for but one more government abomination causing sickness, disease, disability and death in Ontario. Apparently the well known General Electric death and sickness factory in that town wasn't enough. One of the best quotes in this article is "This is not a compensation system for workers". Indeed it is not. It is an intentional, devious and contemptible government scam forced upon Ontario workers to rob them of both their legal rights and their health. It is also a convenient way to save employers millions of dollars in high compensation premiums and as well to reduce their pension payouts to workers who die prematurely. Meanwhile immigration of young future workers will ensure an acceptable, expendable labour force who will be the next generation of widgits in the production process.

Workman's Compensation Boards (WCB) followed by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) have long insisted upon ridiculous and unprovable levels and standards of evidence in order to prove that workers' have become sick, disabled or dead due to occupational diseases. Meanwhile the working conditions in some of these plants have a decades long history of employees forced to inhale "...fumes from glue, paint, and plastic solvents that gave them chronic headaches and made them dizzy.". In order to feed their families they were forced to inhale "...toxic chemicals such as benzene, toluene, xylene, vinyl chloride and formaldehyde...". Science and medicine have known of the dangers of solvents and many other industrial compounds for at least eighty years and possibly longer but when you are in complete charge of a system and lack basic ethics and human decency then you can manipulate it to your self-serving ends. Those ends basically translate to money, authority and power.

So right now believe if you will that our governments from municipal, regional, provincial and federal really do care about we expendable citizens and workers. Even if you think that they are doing a good job in the midst of the current COVID crisis, that does not undue the injustices, horrible yet fully preventable sicknesses that hundreds of thousands of workers have suffered and the premature deaths of so many simply to maintain the power, authority and profits of so few.

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