Thursday, May 7, 2020


My first guess would be no. This is based upon all the wonderful on-line articles, newspaper stories, reports, studies and even my own Elmira Advocate postings which certainly do not give a positive, upbeat impression of Uniroyal Chemical. Oh and lest we forget, my book "Elmira Water Woes: The Triumph Of Corruption, Deceit and Citizen Betrayal" is also on-line in its entirety. So this begs the question for me as to how a couple of presumably, potentially, or probably highly contaminated sites can have such a tiny on-line presence. Certainly the timing for the first, Hart Chemical, might be such that it was gone from Guelph, Ontario essentially prior to the real start up of the Internet. The second company, Huntsman Corp., which was located at the same address and on the same property is similar. There are articles regarding Huntsman activities at other locations (U.S.) but little or nothing about their tenure in Guelph, Ontario on the banks of the Eramosa River. Coincidentally (or not) the Eramosa River has also been blessed in the past with municipal/industrial dumps both immediately upstream and downstream of the Hart/Huntsman and now PDI (bulk carriers) location at 256 Victoria Rd.

I remember all of once, Jeff Merriman, environmental engineer for Uniroyal, Crompton, Chemtura suggesting that the Elmira Sewage Treatment Plant was an ongoing polluter to the Canagagigue Creek and hence everything in the creek was not necessarily his employer`s fault. I was later surprised that Uniroyal and subsequent owners were so careful not to point out municipal or provincial contributions to the chemically enhanced creek via former landfills both up and downstream of the Uniroyal Chemical plant. Why not. Well that should be obvious in hindsight. The left hand washes the right hand which washes the left hand... . Woolwich Township have been long and truly in bed with both the Ontario Ministry of Environment and with Uniroyal and their later corporate iterations. It`s far more than Uniroyal simply providing local employment and some local taxes to the municipality. It`s also about all parties having dirty hands environmentally hence people who live in glass houses should not throw stones at each other.

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