Wednesday, May 27, 2020


I have sent in notice in the appropriate manner to be a virtual Delegate to Waterloo Regional Council on June 16, 2020. The topic will be in regards to an amendment to the Regional Official Plan dealing with the alleged "rationalization" of the boundaries for Elmira. This rationalization entails a shrinkage in some areas and an addition on the east side of town which Woolwich Township wishes to add to the Town of Elmira. This addition oddly enough encompasses potentially badly contaminated soils and groundwater on both the Martin and Stroh farms.

Also interestingly today I received a 254 page report (electronically) which appears to be the most recent groundwater testing taken on the Stroh farm. The results are discouraging in that fifty years after the east side Uniroyal Chemical pits stopped their toxic contribution to soils, waters (ground & surface) and air, the remnants remain. Also discouraging is the fact that the Stroh farm has been contributing soybeans and corn to the food supply, whether animal or human, throughout that time from these soils. I do not know what proportion of contaminants may have been uptaken by these crops or whether they were ever tested for Uniroyal Chemical toxins. I am however doubtful that testing ever occurred.

The Council meeting is currently scheduled for 9 am. and there is an on-line availability to follow both the meeting and my Delegation. It is on the Region's website namely:

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