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The Mennonite title for the above very non-Mennonite title might be " Liars Are To Be Pitied and Prayed For". I was brought up in the United Church albeit married in the Mennonite Church plus my kids spent considerable time in their formative years involved with the Glen Allan Mennonite Church. Ahh good times.

Lying is contagious for those doing the lying. It also breeds more lies in order to maintain the credibility, or at least not minimize the plausible deniability of earlier lies. Lying is draining and tiring. How can pathological liars possibly remember all their past lies as well as know when to lie again in order not to be caught in an inconsistency. Oh right, if caught or confronted then just tell another, bigger one.

It is my opinion based upon evidence that GHD are continuing in the fine tradition of storytelling for which their predecessors Conestoga Rovers were famous. Yesterday I referenced the decades long story about how all contaminated ground and surface water on the east side of the former Uniroyal Chemical site (now Lanxess) has run only westwards and southwards. In fact both surface and groundwater have run eastwards onto the Stroh property as well as southwards onto the Martin farm. The fibs however get even more bizarre/wicked.

Figure 5.1 in the most recently released "Supplemental East-Side Off-Site Groundwater Investigation" dated May 21, 2020 by GHD is more of the same nonsense. Previously the Municipal Lower (ML) Aquifer did not extend under the Uniroyal/Lanxess site from west to east. That is via the company's consultants "Schematic of Hydrogeologic Units" which Dr. Richard Jackson described as a poor attempt at a Conceptual Site Model and further described the drawings as a "cartoon." This most recent Schematic however does show the ML on both the west and east sides of Uniroyal/Lanxess. The Upper Aquifer (UA) also did not extend much past the creek on the east side although now we have drawings (Fig. 5.2 & 5.3) in this most recent report that show it extending not only across the entire east side of Lanxess but also well onto the Stroh property/farm on Lanxess's east side. Despite this their May 2020 "cartoon" or Schematic of Hydrogeologic Units still shows the UA as far as across the creek on the Lanxess property and not much further.

More lies/factual fictions occur in Figures 5.2 and 5.3. GHD have conveniently and self-servingly made the Stroh Drain, Ditch and Berm (SDDB) disappear. Between multiple eye-witness accounts as well as photographs, that major hydrogeological feature is undeniable. It exists and it is controlling the flow direction of shallow groundwater in the south-east corner of the Lanxess site as well as of a good deal of the shallow groundwater on the west side of the Stroh property. The farm fields on the Stroh property are tiled according to both air photos as well as by former Woolwich councillor Mark Bauman. He pointed out to me how quite clearly the drying patterns of wet fields follows clear diagonal lines from northeast to south-west towards the SDDB. None of this is included in GHD's interpretation of groundwater flow on the Stroh and Lanxess property.

I also expect that some modifications may be required to the professionally done Conceptual Site Model (CSM) by Dr. Neil Thompson. This is because not only is the contaminant load higher to the aquifers (and the creek) due to the now apparent eastward flow of toxic liquid wastes off-site but also because at least some of them have flowed back onto the Lanxess site both via surface and groundwater.

Lastly the wishful thinking about natural attenuation really is cute. Between two different aquifers being examined for shallow aquifer contamination and the past excavations of former waste pits in the area it is ridiculous to be pretending that decreases in contamination ten feet away from formerly higher contamination zones prove that natural attenuation (i.e. bacteria and microbes) is working away gobbling up the toxic wastes. Excavation and source removal helps remediate sites. Consultants misinterpreting data does not.

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