Saturday, March 16, 2019


One spill. That may be all it takes to finish off one of the last cold water creeks in southern Ontario. Today's Record carries the following article titled "Fuel spill pushes Mill Creek "to the edge," residents worry." Mill Creek winds through Puslinch Township and Cambridge before joining the Grand River. Ministry of Environment (MOE) officials are confident that things are under control and that there are no exceedances of toxic chemicals in the creek. However those same idjits were confident for twenty-five years that they could restore Elmira's drinking water aquifers to Ontario Drinking Water Standards (ODWS) criteria by 2028. Over the last few years both they and the corporate polluter have admitted that things don't look good for that 2028 cleanup date. By the way calling the MOE "idjits" is rude however it's less rude than calling them liars.

One local resident of the area has stated that "The cleanup work is window dressing." The MOE suggest that residents drinking water is safe and that there have been no reports of ill or dead wildlife locally. Personally I suggest the MOE install a hot line telephone out in the woods and conduct training courses on how to use it for local wildlife. That would probably be nearly as effective as much of the "work" that they do. Especially the "work" focused on licenses, safety permits, Environmental Compliance Agreements, Control Orders, Certificates of Approval and the like.

As recently as a week ago residents reported that they could still see an oily sheen on the water as well as smell the fuel in the creek. That is from the initial spill back on January 13 of this year.

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