Monday, March 11, 2019


Vivienne Delaney is and has been a member of CPAC since 2011. Then it was called the Chemtura Public Advisory Committee and since late 2015 has been called the Citizens Public Advisory Committee. Michael Heitmann is a Videographer and Documentary Filmaker. He has spent at least five years working on a Documentary about Elmira and Uniroyal Chemical. His Documentary included extensive interviews and quotes with the company's Remediation Manager. If Lanxess wished to host a social get together or party they would of course invite their friends and colleagues. It's called favourtism and we all do it. We invite our friends and like minded people to social get togethers.

Woolwich Township invite applications for various committees of council. Generally unpaid work i.e. volunteer committees are not swamped with volunteers and particularly with volunteers with particular and specific skill sets relevant to the positions. Sometimes municipal councils are lucky and have very experienced individuals with skill sets directly related to the particular volunteer committee. Smart councils then thank their lucky stars and appoint those volunteers before they change their minds. Stupid councils do not appoint such individuals. Stupid councils look for reasons not to appoint them, particularly if the committee is supposed to be a committee of volunteer citizens overseeing a cleanup of the community after a local company has destroyed the air, the groundwater and the nearby surface water. The past Woolwich Council was one of those stupid councils. That council felt that the company deserved sympathy and support from being held accountable by local citizens whom had been appointed by the previous Woolwich Council specifically to clean up the mess. Our 2014 to 2018 council allowed the polluter to decide who would and would not be allowed on the committee. That is called discrimination.

A site tour on the Lanxess property for the TAG committee is not a social gathering. It is all business as it should be. TAG have been invited to examine the area of the Lanxess property known as the GAP. Apparently Lanxess are having a problem actually determining its exact location. Viv Delaney and Mike Heitmann who attend public TAG meetings asked if they could attend the tour as well. They have been denied. They are as invested in getting a proper cleanup as anyone and have been at it longer than most of the TAG members. Vivienne in fact has first hand experience in regards to having seen the GAP area from the Stroh side of the property line and could be helpful just as I could as well, having also seen the GAP from the Stroh side of the property line. Dr. Dan Holt as well although he is currently out of the country. Intentionally avoiding competent people to either solve or assist in solving a problem is called discrimination. Woolwich Township are very experienced at discriminating. In the past so has Uniroyal/Chemtura.

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