Tuesday, March 26, 2019


O.K. let's get a couple of things clear first. RAC and TAG were manufactured by a couple of incompetent and spineless Woolwich councillors under pressure from both Chemtura Canada and the Ontario MOE. One of their own colleagues referred to RAC and TAG as "cringeworthy". This was due to the lack of public input made available into both the RAC and TAG process as well as due to the preponderance of professionals and others on RAC and TAG including the chair of TAG. In a nutshell there were far too many bureaucrats and politicians deeply involved and far too few of the general but very interested public permitted to even ask questions or make comments. It was and is "cringeworthy."

Despite that and despite TAG having two members with serious conflicts of interest both pecuniary and otherwise, TAG members are learning, stepping up and showing backbone. Being one of the knowledgeable citizens intentionally shat upon by the mayor and her sidekick at the time I do not lightly heap praise upon a "cringeworthy" organization. The trouble is that they deserve praise and that was easy for me when Dr. Jackson was chair as he took no prisoners in his attempt to drag Chemtura and the MOE into the 21st century in regards to proper hazardous waste site investigation and remediation. I admit it took me longer to appreciate the second chair's style and methodology but Tiffany Svensson continues to impress. The Minutes are out from the last TAG meeting on February 28/19 and both the TAG chair and members are showing increasing confidence in criticizing Lanxess and GHD efforts and non-efforts. In hindsight I can see how much stronger my criticism became the longer I was involved with UPAC & CPAC and hence the more I learned both technically and unfortunately politically. With increasing knowledge and understanding of the issues there should be a much lower tolerance of junk science, puffery,and other forms of corporate and bureaucratic horse manure.

The Minutes indicate that TAG categorically rejected GHD's attempt to pass off old, generally irrelevant sampling data as evidence that there overland flow of waste waters had not crossed their property line and discharged into the Stroh Drain and area further east prior to the Stroh Drain. TAG also blasted GHD and Lanxess over their composite sampling which was supposed to be no more than an initial screening step. Instead Lanxess and GHD want to end soil sampling on their own property after taking inadequate soil samples (composite as well as in the wrong location) and they do not want to test soils and sediments in and around the Stroh Drain. As usual Uniroyal/Lanxess continue to hide behind their partners in pollution, the Ontario MOE.

Lindane should be one of a number of Contaminants of Concern (COC) however GHD have screened them and many others out of the creek investigation and upcoming Risk Assessments. Afterall that's what your well paid, client driven consultants are supposed to do for their favourite polluter.

Pat McLean continues to shill for the polluter as they require a citizens advisory panel (CAP) to look at their current environmental operations and effects. Hence Ms. McLean is asking TAG to expand their mandate to include current operations and not just historical waste disposal and remediation. Generally the polluter get what they want so I expect the mayor will bow once again to corporate, polluter pressure.

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