Thursday, March 14, 2019


Well four years ago half of Woolwich Council publicly demonstrated their incompetence and their willingness to draw outside the lines. In Mark Bauman's case it turned out to be more laziness than anything sneaky or dishonest. I can't say the same for the other two miscreants however. What was also demonstrated was an attitude within some Woolwich Township staff of loyalty towards their council colleagues versus loyalty towards either the public or the laws of the land. That was very disappointing.

Then of course we also saw the absolute travesty of MECAC, the Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee. What a pitiful bunch of old, has been politicians trying to relive their glory days. What that means is looking out for themselves and their buddies while blatantly ignoring their mandate and the Municipal Election Act (MEA). They were too biased and incompetent to even give either Mark Bauman or Sandy Shantz the boot from office after I blew the whistle on their illegal behaviour in regards to their missing Financial Statements and Audit (Sandy). It took Richard Clausi and I telling the media before the Woolwich Clerk in conjunction with Sandy and Mark, decided that they had to step down. Even then they didn't want to admit that they were obligated by provincial law to step down.

I believe that somewhere around March 21/19 may be the deadline for councillors and losing candidates to post their Financial Statements from last fall's municipal election. Undoubtedly the two new councillors have been warned about the bogeyman ready to pounce on them for the slightest slip. That of course is just typical Woolwich misinformation. All three candidates screwed up big time and between Sandy and Scott Hahn actually had many thousands of dollars of expenses tucked away out of sight until they were caught by Dr. Holt (Scott) and me (Sandy).

So rest assured if your mistake is a simple mathematical mistake of $100 or so I won't be calling upon the biased, conflict of interest club called MECAC to make excuses for you.

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