Friday, March 15, 2019


This past Monday I posted here and it was titled "Discrimination Must End, Favoritism Not So Much". It was about an invitation to TAG members to attend a site visit of a specific area of the Lanxess site referred to as the "Gap". The "Gap" is aptly named as it is an area that GHD and Lanxess appear to have been avoiding doing soil sampling of for the last four years. This is probably because of the likelihood that this low lying area is the pathway for overland flow of hundreds of thousands if not millions of gallons of toxic wastewater from the company's overflowing east side toxic waste pits.

Vivienne Delaney and Michael Heitmann also asked to attend that site visit as they have attended some (Vivienne all but one) of the RAC and TAG meetings since they started in September 2015. They were denied. I had already been invited for a site visit albeit the invitation was for the following day. As politically incorrect and totally racist kids likely learned from society around us (the second world war barely over), we had a common comeback when we felt we were being treated badly. It was "Am I black?" Well that thought came to me when I was informed that I was invited for the following day rather than along with the TAG members. Then when I learned that Michael and Vivienne had been totally denied permission to attend a site visit of the "Gap" area that may shed light on the topography and ground contours that are somewhat in dispute, that was it. I politely advised that my first choice was to attend the site visit along with Michael, Vivienne and the TAG members and my second choice was to attend the site tour the following day with Michael and Vivienne. Otherwise no thanks.

Lanxess personnel advised that they needed to consult with others presumably TAG and possibly Woolwich (Sandy?)and maybe even the MOE(?). Well I'm not remotely suggesting that my opinions of Woolwich politicians (most not all) or the MOE have softened. They have not. Ditto with my attitudes based upon thirty years of experience with Uniroyal/Crompton and Chemtura personnel. Lanxess have only been in charge for a couple of years. There's lots that they have not improved upon or changed in the public interest. They have however made a very good decision regarding backing off on the discrimination against honest, experienced and informed citizens that our mayor with support from Chemtura and the MOE instigated four years ago. Kudos to Lanxess and Ramin for their decision to invite Michael, Vivienne and I to join the site tour this coming April 1/19.

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