Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Who exactly are the election apologists kidding? Reputation tattered (in Woolwich Township at least among the intelligent) political analyst Robert Williams is claiming that the delays and breakdowns in the voting tabulation system are no big deal. Really? "There's going to be growing pains. There's going to be challenges." Do you think? "We need not to be impatient about the result." Sorry but that's complete crap Mr. Williams. Very similar to your comments three years ago in Woolwich about not sending Mr. Scot Hahn on to the courts for his remarkably self-serving and illegal Financial Statements as determined by an independent, professional detailed forensic audit.

This Township in their infinite non-wisdom chose not only to go to internet and telephone voting but also chose not to make paper ballot voting available to those of us who wanted it. They intentionally chose a system that can not be confidently confirmed via a recount of hard copy, paper ballots. They also were warned as of the first day of advance polls by multiple voters including myself and Richard Clausi that their internet and telephone voting systems were NOT working. What did they do about that? Nothing apparently.

The City of Cambridge have extended their polls until 9 pm. last evening. Wellesley extended theirs also. Only Woolwich and Wellesley picked Dominion Voting Systems to be their election internet provider. Dominion are also making excuses. They claim that their system was overwhelmed by sheer volume of attempted votes being cast. BULLSHIT! First of all there aren't that many voters in Woolwich or Wellesley Townships in total and secondly voting turnout to date had been less than thirty percent of eligible voters. Give me a break with all the bullshit and excuses coming from one political pundit and from the guilty party (Dominion).

Many people have given up trying to vote in this election. Any system that requires multiple attempts before successful voting is a BAD system. It will discourage future participation and lower the current voter participation in this election. Furthermore now I'm hearing about "confirmations" being received when you vote on the internet. Well I didn't receive a "confirmation" so does that mean my vote was not actually received? Any system that lessens confidence in its credibility and reliability will also lower voting participation. Is that what this is all about?

Lastly there is the issue of timeliness. There is an old saying that justice delayed is justice denied. I believe that many people feel that a delayed election result may very well be a dishonest election result. We have all become comfortable with the norm being final election results being available within hours or sooner of the polls closing. We also understand why all the polls must close at the same time so that early results from one poll do not affect later voting at another poll. Well throw that right out the window now folks with this mess. Results being held up for a day or two are just inviting clever and unscrupulous people to figure out how to tamper with those results. This election will become infamous. What are we going to learn from it?

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