Wednesday, October 24, 2018


As per Monday's election we have two new councillors joining Woolwich Council namely Mr. McMillan and Mr. Redekop. I believe that Woolwich Council have been improved albeit not as much as I would like to have seen. Oh well. The removal of Ms. Herteis was absolutely necessary in order for this council to have any semblance whatsoever of credibility or democracy. That she was appointed via a behind the scenes, backroom process not in the public interest, was glaringly obvious to those few of us who actually attended the public council meeting in which nine or ten highly competent and qualified applicants spoke from the heart and demonstrated their confidence in the process that Woolwich Council laid out for them and the public.

Woolwich Council lied to them. Woolwich Council lied to the public. It was far worse than a sham and both the many applicants and the public were insulted by the brazen and pathetic dog and pony show that council presented to the public. The Woolwich Observer, bless them, were also not amused and said so in their next edition. I doubt that a single person in that room came away from that meeting without a very sour taste in their mouth.

It was obvious to me that Mr. McMillan was going to beat Julie-Anne in Monday's election. Less obvious was that he also beat the incumbent Patrick Merlihan. Julie-Anne had a very respectable 1300 and change votes. I do not think that she is a bad person however nor do I think she is the right person for the job. A couple of other Woolwich councillors I know for a fact are not the right people for the job yet there they sit. Julie-Anne was part of that scam last March and she and Council deprived Woolwich citizens of any one of a number of far superior candidates.

To Mr. McMillan and Mr. Redekop I can only suggest that you tread carefully. There are bad people on that Council who will do their best to co-opt you. They will tell you that it's us versus them. They will tell you that Council must always present a unified front. They will tell you that they are the most experienced. They may indeed be the most experienced liars and deceivers and manipulators. Woolwich Township unfortunately has had a litany of those folks in public service. Please stand on your own two feet and rely on your morals, ethics and conscience. That is the only experience you need.

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