Tuesday, October 2, 2018


On January 26, 2011 the Elmira Independent published my Letter To The Editor titled "CPAC needs to change". My Letter was in response to both an article and an Independent Editorial published in the previous week's edition. I pointed out the hypocrisy in former chair Pat McLean's claims that suddenly "continuity and knowledge" on CPAC were important. Three years previously she and her fellow travellor, back doored and back stabbed the by far most knowledgeable, technically and historically, member of that committee for their own self-serving, political purposes.

I also pointed out CPAC's slowness on matters such as the Comprehensive Long Range Plan and the DNAPL sub-committee. They seemed quite happy to progress at Chemtura's snail like pace while granting them concessions such as reduced groundwater monitoring and approving reductions in the data presented in the Annual Monitoring Report.

Further hypocrisy would be in chair McLean and sidekick wishing to involve CPAC in the Hawk Ridge Homes proposed development across from Sulco and Chemtura. Fine that is a significant issue but how many times have I raised groundwater issues in Elmira only to be told by McLean that CPAC's mandate deals strictly with Chemtura, not with other companies or problems off of Chemtura's property?

Mclean also bizarrely suggests that changing the Terms of Reference may be difficult or complicated as Chemtura is paying the costs associated with CPAC. Odd again as to how many times in the past that the Terms of Reference have been changed to accomodate concerns of others than the public. Odd how the polluter paying the costs of the committee, in Ms. McLean's mind, complicates changing the Terms of Reference. Is she suggesting that by their paying costs that they have charge or control of CPAC? That's dangerous ground you are on there Pat.

Lastly I pointed out that contrary to Chemtura's and the MOE's opinion that the Elmira Aquifers would not be cleaned up by 2028. My opinion on that matter has since been agreed to by Woolwich Council, the MOE and even Chemtura Canada themselves. Too bad that very old CPAC couldn't see the obvious back in 2006 to 2010. They were in need of reform and it happened shortly thereafter.

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