Saturday, October 13, 2018


I suspect it's all about appearances yet again. Backwards Woolwich in so many ways just want to look cutting edge. They want to look competent and professional. Unfortunately from their CAO, Council, Clerk and mayor they simply have proven over and over again that they are no such thing. Look at the public disaster of the last election in 2014. Half of council were caught with egregious and blatant errors in their financial statements. At least for those that even submitted Financial Statements. When I started my inquiries I was lied to by the Clerk regarding Mark Bauman's Financial Statement first of all being on-line and then secondly being on her desk. It was no such thing and he temporarily at least got the boot from council.

So now this gang that can't shoot straight have decided to go to insecure telephone and internet voting. Well the complaints have already started. Thursday I tried first of all telephone voting and when that failed I tried internet voting. Both were utterly useless and not working. I tried the Help line provided in my letter sent to me and it worked! That is after I gave the lady a hard time about the garbled recording at a key point in the instructions for telephone voting and after I carefully, exactly as instructed, typed in the address provided for the Internet voting. The address provided did not take me directly to the Woolwich voting site; instead it took me to a list of ten or more related internet voting websites. What the heck!

Others are having problems. The lady on the Help line did admit that they had had several issues and complaints that morning with the telephone voting. My friend and colleague Richard Clausi also could not make the internet voting work. Realize this is a guy with both extensive computer experience and extensive voting and election procedure experience. News flash here Woolwich brain trusters. Most voters after trying either telephone or internet voting unsuccessfully will not invest more time in a process that did not require change. Paper ballots work and there is a hard copy that can be recounted if irregularities have occurred. If total voting numbers are down it will likely be because of this new, insecure, and without the bugs removed telephone and internet voting.

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