Monday, October 17, 2016



This is huge albeit painstakingly slow and tedious. The report titled "Off-Site Investigation Work Plan ...Elmira Site" is dated August 8, 2016 whereas I received my copy last Thursday (October 13/16). It has been two years since the MTE Report indicating the high probability of Uniroyal liquid wastes having travelled east and south-east onto the neighbouring Stroh property. That momentum and so much more was intentionally broken up by Mark and Sandy as they struggled heroically to bring Chemtura and the M.O.E. back into the fold. This entailed Mark and Sandy bending over backwards to kiss their respective butts and beg them to come back and recapture their places of prominence and superiority around the Woolwich Council table. Chemtura and the M.O.E. graciously accepted Mark and Sandy's prostration and obsequious pleas.

So of what calibre might this report be? I would call it par for the course as the guilty parties continue to stickhandle and wiggle on the hook to avoid both more blame and responsibility for their past coverups of pollution and illegal waste disposal. Neither TAG members nor the M.O.E. were particularly impressed with the location of surficial soil sampling . One Cynthia Doughty of the M.O.E. has responded in a September 7/16 Memorandum requesting numerous changes and upgrades to the proposed Work Plan. Basically she feels the Work Plan as presented does not achieve its' aim which is to delineate off-site (Stroh farm) contamination which has moved from Uniroyal/Chemtura east and south-east onto the Stroh property.

I submitted a last second one page document to Dr. Jackson with my (and CPAC's) criticisms just prior to the start of the meeting. When one receives the document the same day it is difficult to read, absorb and then write a response to be submitted for a meeting that day. This is par for the last thirty years of gamesmanship and deceit practiced by Chemtura, the M.O.E. and enabled by the cowardly behaviour of the vast majority of Woolwich Councils since Uniroyal/Chemtura came to town in the 1940s.

Among four criticisms I had was the obvious and blatant fact that zero soil samples were committed to by GHD in the area of the "Gap", the Stroh Drain or the nearby "Sink". Also the soil depths were once again far too shallow. A reference to 15 cm. being adequate as per the December 2015 East Side Investigation is pure horse manure. There was no such evidence presented despite GHD's claims to the contrary. Keep in mind this is but a "Work Plan". It will have to be amended , recommented on and then samples taken and wells drilled. Then we will wait for months for the data to be analysed and a report written. Then there will be another report and further discussion as to what remediation if any that will be done. This crap will go on for years exactly as Chemtura and the M.O.E. have been doing for the last thirty years. This will continue as long as our local, idiot councillors continue to treat the guilty partieswith kid gloves and continue to kiss their asses every time they whine and complain that citizens are too hard on them.

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