Thursday, October 6, 2016


The last Remediation Advisory Committee meeting was held on September 15/16 and the Draft Minutes are out. They are an embarassment both to Chemtura and to their defensive blockers, the Ontario Ministry Of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC). The outright lies along with the deflections, stickhandling and contempt for transparency and forthrightness are beyond blatant. These Draft Minutes can be found on the Woolwich Township website under Committees of Council and under RAC/TAG.

Item 2.1 Responsible care Update. What a pathetic joke the Chemical Industry Association of Canada (CIAC) are. *Responsible Care
verification is supposed to include a component of community input. The whole process is secretive and non-transparent. Tell me readers how many of you know who the local delegates are to this years Verifcation Team? Don't ask me because while I attend all RAC & TAG meetings, unlike Pat & Susan who may have attended 1/4 - 1/3 of CPAC meetings, no mention of the Team's membership, either local or out of town, was publicly given to the two committees allegedly representing Woolwich citizens.

To date CPAC and myself are the last to receive reports and testing. We are stakeholders and have been for years, in some cases decades. Thank you Mark and Sandy one more time for your contempt for honest public consultation. This includes refusing to allow questions from the public at RAC & TAG meetings as well as refusing Delegations to TAG. You are beyond filth in your disrespect for Woolwich citizens. But then that was all publicly exposed last May in the media as you publicly humiliated yourselves attempting to ban Delegations to Council meetings. To date you are getting away with it but your time is coming and you've richly bought and paid for it.

page 3 Mr. Almeida referred to a "holistic" approach regarding remediating the Canagagigue Creek. Utter bullshit Mr. Almeida (GHD- consultants to Chemtura). Similarily Chemtura's refusal to conform to generic standards and guidelines in the creek for DDT, Dioxins, P.C.B.s is beneath contempt. There are both Canadian creek sediment guidelines as well as floodplain and agricultural soil standards. Chemtura wish to ignore them while retaining "hired guns" to do risk assessments and determine that there are few "receptors" and few complete "pathways"etc.. Bullshit built upon a foundation of bullshit.

Suspended sediment transport has been requested by Dr. Richard Jackson for the last year. It has been refused by Chemtura and their partners in pollution the Ontario M.O.E.. This testing would prove the obvious in that sediments are mobilized one on a annual basis with the spring floods and two each and every time there is a major storm. Hence Chemtura's on-site shallow contamination is flushed on an ongoing basis into and down the creek. It is NOT contained by a pump & treat system only encompassing 1/4 of their shallow aquifer ie. the south-west corner.

CPAC, RAC and TAG have bluntly told Chemtura , GHD and the M.O.E. to stick their Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) up their collective wazoos. Kudos to RAC & TAG for that and shame on Chemtura and the M.O.E.. The community deserve better than their never ending lies and bullshit. Shame on Mark & Sandy if they don't apologize and beg forgiveness of CPAC for telling Council how corrupt and perverted Chemtura and the M.O.E. are. In response Mark & Sandy kissed Chemtura's and the M.O.E.'s asses by removing CPAC members from the equation as best they could. Well tell me now Mark & Sandy: Are Chemtura and the M.O.E. not the unreasonable corrupt liars we told you they were? Or did you already know that and are only embarassed because you look so stupid right now? You can not deal politely and reasonably with bulletproof, unreasonable liars and YOU and some former councils are the reason they are bulletproof from public condemnation.

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