Friday, October 7, 2016


The Agenda has been distributed for next week's Technical Advisory Group meeting. Essentially the entire meeting is focused on the east side of the Chemtura site as well as their eastern neighbour (Stroh) and then the downstream Canagagigue Creek. This Woolwich citizens and any public servants with a brain or ethics can thank CPAC for. Starting in 2014 after I discovered the presence of the "Stroh Drain" the then CPAC (Chemtura Public Advisory Committee) understood and decided to explore the gaping chasm of non data and information this contaminated area represented. It gave the appearance of an intentionally contaminated zone that had been kept in the dark. It even appeared as if this was an alternate route or pathway for Uniroyal/Chemtura's contaminants to circumvent monitoring while on their way into the creek and further downstream.

Of concern is the lack of timely presentation of data both to TAG and to the public including CPAC, now known as the Citizens Public Advisory Committee. This is an old trick of Chemtura and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. When you know that Work Plans and or decisions are pathetic then simply do not distribute the data and or reports ahead of time. Afterall that would allow the public and appointed members to prepare themselves and to have penetrating, difficult questions ready ahead of time.

For example the Draft Off-Site Investigation Work Plan has been prepared. This is the plan indicating where and how many soil and groundwater samples will be taken on the Stroh farm near Chemtura's eastern border. To my knowledge it has neither been distributed to TAG or to CPAC and the public. The same thing goes for the M.O.E.'s Comments to Chemtura (GHD) regarding that plan as well as their earlier Supplemental On-Site Investigation report. Finally we have Soil Survey Results for Dioxins & Furans in the floodplain just west of the New Jerusalem Rd.. We were advised a while back that the M.O.E. were going to attempt to blame this floodplain area for the high results in the creek sediments in and around New Jerusalem Rd.. As the Dioxins & Furans are all coming from the Chemtura property and being transported via the creek they can be expected to be deposited both on the floodplain as well as in the creek sediments. Hence blaming floodplain "sources" for high creek sediments in one specific area is like blaming the rug in your living room when the room smells after your dog has "dumped" on it.

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