Saturday, October 8, 2016


Repeated public confrontation and clearly enunciated contempt will result in change. Neverending acquiescence to the status quo will not. The Ontario Ministry of the Environment are literally killing us and our descendants. Their mandate is public manipulation via extreme lying, distraction, deflection, puffery and bullshit.

Their latest pile of pus is a June 2016 "Technical Memorandum" titled "Soil Survey to Detect Dioxin and Furan Contamination in the Canagagigue Creek Floodplain West of new Jerusalem Road, Elmira, Ontario (2015)". This is a thirteen page report including photographs which tells us that while as already known there are Dioxins and Furans in the floodplain; not to worry they aren't a human health concern.

Once again they have tested the top 6 inches (15 cm.) of soil and while they have detections at all sites they are higher nearest the creek and only at "background" levels 115 metres away from the creek. Did you know that we have background levels of Dioxins (and much more) in our foods, milk and even in our bodies?

NEWSFLASH: The conclusion of this taxpayer funded nonsense is that the Dioxins are not coming from the nearby farmers' fields, rather they are courtesy of Uniroyal/Chemtura's waste disposal practices. The second not so startling conclusion is that even the highest floodplain result (40 parts per trillion) isn't a threat because gosh and golly they now have advised us of a new guideline namely 48 pg/g or ppt (parts per trillion). It is becoming obvious that these monkeys simply have a list of guidelines for each and every, any and all, soil conditions, distance from waterbodies, types of land development, age and gender of humans, time of year, weather conditions, political party in power, religious and ethnic makeup of human receptors etc.. O.K. maybe I've slightly overstated the numbers and types of guidelines they have but maybe I've also missed a few. You get the picture.

Lastly this report like so much of the M.O.E.'s crap is meaningless. Allegedly the presence of Dioxins/Furans in these floodplain soils isn't a health threat. Gosh neither is the non presence of dinosaurs. What about the presence of DDT and its' metabolytes? What about the presence of P.C.B.s? Lead and mercury are in the fish in the creek. Are they also in the floodplain soils? If you're going to do a taxpayer study then make it a worthwhile one. Make it relative to the reality of this horribly, most likely permanently contaminated creek discharging into our Heritage River, the Grand. Make it relative to the people who live, work and play along this creek.

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