Friday, October 28, 2016


This can not go on. One week ago today the Waterloo Region Record published a front page, major headline story about the latest expansion of the Uniroyal/Chemtura story here in Elmira, Ontario. The title was "Chemtura starts offsite chemical probe". That evening CKCO-TV also covered this same story regarding soil and groundwater testing finally being planned for the Stroh farm to the east of Chemtura. CKCO-TV also publicly mentioned the discovery of PCBs on the Chemtura property. The Record article quoted among others Dr. Dan Holt former and current Chair of CPAC. The CKCO-TV story quoted Dr. Sebastian Seibel-Achenbach former and current Vice-chair of CPAC and also a TAG member. Also somewhere in there one of our local Councillors was also interviewed. The point is all these persons are local, ready and able and willing to cooperate with our now only remaining local newspaper. Oh and also 570 radio also covered this story. I waited patiently until yesterday to see the coverage from the Observer. Nada, nyet, nothing.

What the hell. This is a major local story as clearly indicated by media organizations much bigger and further away from Woolwich and Elmira than the Observer. They are literally just down the street from Chemtura. Our local paper have been here for twenty years and overall their professionalism and their product have been excellent. Joe and Patrick are both local boys and their parents are here in town as well. I've known and respected their Dad for twenty years plus as I'm sure have decades worth of his students when he taught at Elmira District Secondary School.

I have previously suggested that there is a reason for the Observer's apparent reticence to publish articles regarding Chemtura and our local contamination. My suggestion was speculative albeit based upon pretty solid observations and facts. My suggestions/speculation as to reasons was not appreciated by Joe Merlihan hence I will not repeat them here. That said I respectfully suggest that the Woolwich Observer, whom I believe have an excellent reputation, need to address their non coverage of Chemtura/M.O.E. significant issues here in Elmira and Woolwich Township. Addressing that gap in coverage does not mean attacking me. It means confronting, dealing with and resolving whatever problem or obstacle is inhibiting you from covering this subject with the same journalistic integrity and professionalism that you have displayed in the rest of your fine coverage for the last twenty years.

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