Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I suppose based upon the kind of day/week/month Woolwich Council has had it is understandable that they are a little testy. Let's see now there was the Ombudsman's Report published in the Record on Monday detailing illegal activity regarding in camera sessions. There was CPAC's DDT Report published the same day suggesting that all responsible parties (including Woolwich) really haven't been. Scott Hahn's Forensic Audit came out Tuesday on the Woolwich Township website and it is very bad for Councillor Scott Hahn. Council got caught redhanded yesterday afternoon violating the Ombudsman's Report dealing with in camera meetings. Yes you heard that right. I walked in on the pigs at the trough at 4:27 pm. yesterday as they helped themselves surrepticiously to a taxpayer funded meal in the Councillor's Boardroom out of sight, behind the Council Chambers. Turns out they prefer in camera meetings in the Boardroom instead of in Council Chambers because it allows them to literally gobble up more of our tax money while hidden from sight. Finally the previously mentioned Forensic Audit of one of their colleagues is detailed in this morning's K-W Record and apparently sometime yesterday on line.

I suspect that Council are frustrated wondering how I could be responsible for all their public trials and tribulations. Well first off I'm not remotely so responsible, they are. Secondly numerous other citizens, some publicly but many more behind the scenes are helping to carry the load. To them I tip my hat. If and when they want recognition simply say the word.

Regarding yesterday's once again illegal in camera meeting, the Ombudsman made it abundantly clear that Council must hold an open session first in order to go into private session (in camera). When I walked in on them they looked like little children caught with their hands in the cookie jar. They hurriedly rushed out to the partially locked, lights out, curtains down Council Chambers where two Woolwich citizens listened to them grudgingly follow the law. Mayor Shantz through gritted teeth at the start of the public session stared at me and kept repeating "Really ?". Finally I said "Yes Sandy it is the law." No wonder she behaved so badly last evening towards me during my Delegation.

How badly did Sandy behave last evening? She orchestrated Council's unanimous walkout in the middle of my Delegation. Fortunately for me the gallery was full of citizens and they were shocked at Council's behaviour. I was actually the tenth or eleventh speaker as a previously scheduled public meeting interrupted Delegations at 7 pm.. The walkout and followup actions on my part were all recorded by CTV News who were there for CPAC's wonderful DDT presentation. Well done yet again Graham Chevreau.

There were a total of six CPAC and SWAT members present plus citizens who had attended the previously mentioned public meeting dealing with a proposed apartment building being located on Riverside Drive in Elmira. Council Chair Larry Shantz kept interrupting my Delegation with comments and criticisms that I was wandering off topic. Excuse me Sandy's cousin, but it was my Delegation, not yours. This Council seem to think they have the right to censor both content and topics. They do not. My Delegation was perfectly accurate and used perfectly acceptable words although possibly the idiots on Council didn't understand that my statement that "I applaud Mayor Shantz's perspicacity.", is a compliment. Anyhow when they walked out I simply walked around the lecturn and continued my Delegation while facing the full house gallery and with my back to the now empty Councillor's seats.

As I was almost finished my Delegation, Council who had been peaking through the window in the door to Council decided that their tactic had not worked. Yes the tame Staff had slowly shambled out after them but the gallery had remained in full and listened intently to my comments. Quite frankly Council looked like idiots. As they came back in both cousins Larry and Sandy attempted to interupt the last couple of sentences I was speaking. I simply ignored them although when Sandy addressed me rudely and directly I advised her it was time for her to resign. That shut her up.


  1. I was there last night. They violated the Muniicpal Act several times. Sandy has now gone from blaming one person to a small group for her problems with the laws of the Act. Sandy has been caught in the act. Read the Ombudsman report. She is blaming volunteers for errors in financial reports. Take responsibility Murray Martin. The volunteers you shamed for 16 years. Go ahead as the very taxpayers paid you while you were Councillor and the cheques reveal thousands paid to you with alleged capital funds via parks department. Is Sandy covering this too? Great job Alan, loved the speech.

  2. The Ombudsman's report is buried in the 411 page package for last night's Council meeting. In other words go onto the Township website and click on "Council" and then click on "Council meetings". Then scroll down to the August 11/15 meeting and click on Package. Approx. page 238???

  3. Alan, How long has CPAC existed?

  4. Since 1991 in one name or another.

  5. Re; Mr Hahn...soldier in Afghanistan from 17 May - 15 December, 2010 as part of Task Force Kandahar