Monday, August 24, 2015


Well let's not be feeling too sorry for her just yet. Compare Sandy's three audits dated June 16/15 accompanying her March 23/15 Financial Statement and delivered to MECAC on or about July 2/15 followed by the next two audits (Amended/Primary & Supplementary) both dated August 6/15 for a total of $4,181 versus Councillor Scott Hahn's one FORENSIC Audit in the $12,000 neighbourhood. Scott's is paid for via you and me and all the rest of Woolwich taxpayers. Just as importantly this tells us exactly how mickey mouse these routine audits really are. Three for $4,181 versus one Forensic Audit at $12,000. Also realize it's the same accountant doing all three of Sandy's "audits" and just like every other accountant doing these five minute wonders his statement of limitations and qualifications spells out how superficial they really are.

I love Richard Clausi's analogy of the speed trap. The outraged politician caught redhanded by the Elections Act demands a do over, in this case multiple do overs. The citizen caught redhanded doing 75 km/hour in a 50 zone should advise the officer to stay where he is as they are going around the block and trying it a second time. This time they are clocked at 65 km/hour. Not good enough they demand a third attempt and sure enough they are now clocked only doing 55 km/hour. Do you think the police officer won't write them a ticket because even though they still don't have it right , they are after three attempts, less in contravention than originally?

Superior Court made a big deal out of Sandy's self proclaimed "inadvertence" and "honest mistakes". No other third party testified to that only Sandy via her lawyer. I stated in Superior Court on July 23/15 that the March 23/15 dated second Financial Statement combined with the first audit date of June 16/15 was a smoking gun that she had full knowledge of the inaccuracy and errors in her February 2/15 Financial Statement prior to the March 27/15 deadline and did not correct them. Recall that the June 16/15 first audit date meant that her accountant received Sandy's orders and completed her audit the very day that I filed my Application to MECAC (June 16/15) and furthermore that she signed off on the completed audit and picked it up that very day. Highly unlikely.

Then we have further indications of Sandy's behaviour/coverups. On July 2/15 she ambushed me with a 30 page package ten minutes prior to the MECAC meeting. According to Sandy's Affidavit filed in Superior Court she had provided that package to MECAC three days earlier. That is not what MECAC said on July 2/15. One or both are lying but regardless I got ambushed and MECAC had zero legal or moral right to accept that 30 page package at face value without both myself, the compalinant, and themselves thoroughly studying it first. Then let's not forget Sandy's lawyer's blatant blackmail attempt to keep me from appearing at Superior Court. Well done Mr. Bennet. And this is precisely why lawyers are generally held in such contempt by honest citizens. Copies of those e-mails were sent by me to the local media to indicate your and the mayor's grotesque lack of ethics.

This Woolwich Township is how your mayor "defends" herself from allegations of Election Act contraventions.

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