Thursday, August 27, 2015


The above title is but one of Richard Clausi's pointed comments regarding Woolwich Council last Tuesday evening. This morning at 10 am. we, Dr. Dan Holt and a number of other concerned citizens will be present in Council Chambers again to point the way forward to both our elected and appointed authorities. Sometimes their basic intellectual deficits are the problem but usually the problem is more serious. Any honest, uninformed citizen can learn and get involved if they are able to put what spare time they may have, after job and family commitments, into careful observation and listening. Sometimes serious effort is required when reading some of the thicker, denser and more technical documents provided by our authorities but in the case of legal documents and legislation that is usually done on purpose to intentionally discourage citizen participation. Believe me our elected politicians have absolutely no inherent skills in that area either.

This morning our corrupted MECAC committee as demonstrated on July 2/15 and as since confirmed by loose lips on the same committee will be deciding whether to send Councillor Scott Hahn on to the courts for election act charges. This decision is supposed to be based upon the results of the forensic audit produced by Froese & Partners. If recent history is any judge, including one more highly suspicious in camera meeting at 9 am. this morning, then MECAC will manufacture excuses to let him off. The forensic audit was devastating and while it did not use the word "fraud" it certainly made it very clear that there are multiple violations of the elections act (MEA)including the fact that a number of produced receipts and invoices simply can not be verified or confirmed via the audit. In other words the backup ledgers, electronic data and accounting books improperly do not contain the entries that should be there if these receipts and invoices were legitimate.

MECAC have the opportunity to rise above their disasterous, illegal and grotesquely improper behaviour of July 2/15 when they and Mayor Shantz ambushed myself the complainant with thirty pages of financial information, ten minutes before the start of the meeting. Originally we thought she had also ambushed MECAC similarily but then Mayor Sandy signed a sworn Affidavit to Superior Court on July 23/15 saying otherwise. Last Tuesday in Council Chambers she publicly stated that her sworn Affidavit was untrue! Which time was she telling the truth?



    WOOLWICH — Township of Woolwich Coun. Scott Hahn won't have to go court to keep his post despite several admitted violations of the Municipal Elections Act.

    The Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee voted 6-1 Thursday morning not to pursue charges against Hahn related to his expenses from the Oct.27 municipal election.

    "I'm feeling good," Hahn said after the vote. "This has been a long difficult process where my error wasted too much time and too many resources.

    "It was a costly mistake that I won't make again."

    The committee made up of seven citizens had two choices: pursue legal action or not. There's no requirement to seek legal action for contraventions.

    Dan Holt, who filed the original complaint about Hahn, was not pleased with the decision. He said it set a troubling precedent.

    "Why would anybody in the future pay attention to the law when they know they can get off," he said.

    An auditor's report released earlier this month identified at least five contraventions in two expense reports filed by Hahn — one after the Oct. 27 municipal election and a second at a meeting of the compliance committee.

    The report says there may have been additional violations of the act by Hahn's father or his father's business related to the purchase of campaign signs.

    According to the report contraventions by Hahn include:

    •Failure to value all contributions of goods and services related to signs and brochures.

    •Failure to obtain receipts for every expense and issue receipts for every contribution.

    •Failure to prepare financial statements in accordance with sections of the act related to including all expenses and contributions.

    •Failure to provide proper direction to persons authorized to incur expenses on behalf of the campaign.

    •In relation to the purchase of signs, potential contraventions of the act by Hahn's father Michael Hahn and/or his business.

    •Campaign contributions in excess of the limits permitted by the act.

    The investigation into Hahn's expenses started after Holt, who placed third against Hahn in the Oct. 27 municipal election, took issue with filed expense claims he said violated the Elections Act.

    Sign and brochure costs were of particular concern.

    Hahn has admitted he didn't claim sign costs and brochure costs that family members paid for because they told him the materials were free.

    The initial expense claim that prompted Holt's request for an audit is Hahn did not report election sign and brochure costs.

    Hahn said he made a mistake, but attempts at the hearings to clear up the issue only raised further questions.

  2. Holt is a sore loser. That's all. Why else would he start this? I agree with Hahn - what a waste of resources.

    1. Wwwwow, that's like blaming YOU for your mothers conception!

  3. Oops, sorry, added a word accidentally...
    Should have read "Holt is a loser"

    1. Fact is the average/regular taxpayers/voters are the real losers and IT IS GETTING WORST every single election! I do not blame you or Mr. Holt for screaming but if you want to have any positive effect at all direct your concerns to the ones that control your condition and state!

    2. Who controls the condition and state? This now seems to be a mystery? Corruption is the only state that appears to in control at the moment. What do you suggest?

    3. What the hell are you people talking about? Have another quaalude and call it a night.

  4. CONFLICTS OF INTERST under the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. M.50

  5. Both the MECAC hearings and the Forensic Audit by Froese & Partners (Compliance Audit) validated Dr. Holt's complaints and so much more. MECAC then did what they do best which is roll over and protect the local politicians.