Sunday, December 4, 2011


This is an extraordinary Sunday posting. Twenty years ago plus outspoken individuals in this community had their homes egged when they publicly criticized Uniroyal Chemical. Those anonymous heroes (egg throwers) have been replaced by a new generation of anonymous heroes who do their egg throwing on-line. Hence here in the Advocate for the last three weeks one particular individual has been swearing, cursing, writing gibberish and making asinine allegations of illegal activity towards yours truly.

The circumstantial evidence identifying him is more than overwhelming. It includes multiple witnesses to his verbal ranting about me, while drinking, less than an hour before the latest outbreak of his childish behaviour. It includes an answering machine recording of him physically threatening me last summer. And much more. This individual works for a company here in Elmira, located on a contaminated site. No it's not Chemtura. The timing of recent articles in our local papers about other sources to our contaminated drinking aquifer is not coincidental. The sad part is that this individual probably believes that he is demonstrating loyalty to his relative and employer. What he is actually doing is digging himself deeper and deeper into a serious mess and I at this point in time have no reason to believe that his employer is involved. That being said I have very recently had a conversation with his employer and relative. I have also talked now with two different Regional Police Officers on two different occasions. Civilly this individual is miles over the line; criminally he is teetering on the edge in regards to his on-line postings. The answering machine recording hasn't gone to the Police yet but he identified himself and then threatened me. Tomorrow I will be going back to the Regional Police and I will again attempt to contact his relative and employer.

If after doing the above I see any possibility that his harassing and possibly illegal behaviour will stop, then that will be the end of it. On the other hand if I get nowhere with the Police or his relative/employer then I will post here tomorrow and identify him and the company he is working for. By identifying the company it will make obvious the reasons for his juvenile behaviour. Mere insults and profanity are of less concern than his false allegations of law breaking on my part. Once his identity and affiliation are publicly exposed, I'm much less concerned that his falsehoods will be believed by any unbiased, reasonable person. I emphasize that I have no evidence or even belief that his current employer is involved in his bad behaviour.

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  1. Well, l see the crybaby took his toxic sludge home to play by himself. Good. Have another drink and watch TV with Big Bird on your lap.