Saturday, December 3, 2011


This week's Elmira Independent has a story titled " GRCA seeks input on water management plan" written by Chuck Kuepfer. They are looking for this input in three areas namely water supply, water quality and flood protection. Apparently the current water management plan was created in 1982 and clearly is ready for an update. Interestingly I believe that it was in that plan that I saw one of the only references to Borg Textiles' (Elmira) toxic effluents that I've ever seen. If indeed it was in this report, it claimed that Borg was considered responsible for knocking out the bacteria in the Elmira Sewage Treatment Plant. Apparently this input is to be obtained by an on-line survey at . The disappointing aspect, unless it's a typo is that the survey ends on Dec. 2/11. Yikes that's yesterday! I haven't checked out the GRCA website yet but will shortly to confirm or deny this date . This article in the Dec. 1/11 Independent is the first I've heard of this survey and if it does end on Dec.2, you can see why I added (I think?) to the title above.

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