Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I have previously written that both the Minutes and Agendas of CPAC (Chemtura Public Advisory Committee) meetings are now posted on the Woolwich Township website. This fulfills one more promise of our Mayor Todd Cowan, in regards to greater transparency and accountability surrounding CPAC and he is due credit for this action.

But..... The last CPAC meeting was on November 24, 2011. Today is December 27/11 and the next CPAC meeting isn't scheduled until late January 2012. Both the public and CPAC members should have the Minutes of this last meeting sooner rather than later. What do you say Mayor Cowan?

And..... Why in the name of anything did the Township include a link to Chemtura along with the CPAC Minutes and Agenda? Primarily Chemtura's website I would normally say is their business. They can put whatever propaganda, public relations drivel or outright bull on it they want suggesting how socially "reponsible" they are. However incorporating that into the CPAC information is both offensive and outrageous. If this company were so socially, ethically and morally upright we wouldn't have had our water supply destroyed in the first place. Secondly they would have cleaned it up properly by now if they were 1/10th as good as their website says. C'mon Todd and company. Please give this a second think.

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  1. Spirit of "discontinuous" improvement it seems. Great post Mr. Marshall. We will have to watch Todd Cowan very closely I suspect. He is in every photo op and before the media for all of the "sunshine" stories, but when it comes to local polluters my jury is out. More talk that action I suspect. Kudo's to you and your team at the Advocate for monitoring this guy's actions closely. We should be watching the "architect" of continuous improvement, the CAO, closely too. Best wishes for 2012.