Tuesday, December 6, 2011


There were some missteps and scheduling difficulties along the way but this Friday some Elmira citizens, CPAC members and one other will meet with Michael Harris our new M.P.P. and Environment critic. Michael (P.C.) was sucessful in the October Provincial election and defeated Leanna Pendergast (Liberal). Speaking for myself, this meeting is not any kind of political endorsement, simply an information sharing session with Michael Harris who has also been appointed Environment critic by his party. Since the Elmira crisis of 1989, all three major political parties in Ontario have had a kick at the can and in my opinion they've all been unsucessful in varying degrees. Thus I can truly say in that context that I am approaching this meeting from an unbiased standpoint. Yes I am confident that there are and have been environmental discussions with the McGuinty government, past and present, but nevertheless the role of Official Opposition in the legislature is not inconsequential. Obviously a real cleanup at Chemtura will be discussed but other Woolwich environmental issues will arise possibly including Bio-En, Hawk Ridge Homes, gravel pits, Varnicolor etc. .

Speaking of Hawk Ridge Homes, the word is that it will be on the Agenda for Woolwich Council on December 13/11. There may also be a Delegation of concerned citizens speaking about the upcoming Ontario Municipal Board (O.M.B.) hearing.


  1. l shall attempt to be there if time allows Al.

  2. Excellent, the more the merrier!