Monday, February 20, 2017


First off there is indeed Dioxin contamination at Grassy Narrows. Not surprising when one understands the pulp and paper processes used combined with the "disposal" of wastes generated by it. This was determined via fish and meat testing done in 2004 which indicated both Dioxins/Furans and Mercury in various species of wildlife including jackfish, whitefish, pickerel, lynx, fox, beaver, muskrat, mink ducks, geese and more.

As recently as last year further studies have indicated that there appears to be on-going low level Mercury contamination into the river. This may be from the upriver point source, the former Reed paper mill, or from upstream contaminated sediments still being flushed downstream. A Dr. Rudd has proposed two different forms of remediation namely Enhanced Natural Recovery (ENR) as well as
nitrate injection to prevent bacteria from producing methyl mercury.

To date our provincial Liberal government are, like all their predecessors, long on talk and study and short on remediation money. Does this ring any bells here in Elmira?

The suffering, pain and health damage in and throughout the English-Wabigoon river system is acute. It includes human and wildlife suffering and is the direct result of human and corporate greed and incompetence combined with little or no government oversight. We in Canada pay taxes through the nose and primarily instead of oversight and necessary control we receive puffery, false assurances and non-enforcement of laws allegedly designed to protect the public. Funny isn't it how the ones usually "protected" are the powerful, the wealthy, the guilty and the politically connected.

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