Tuesday, February 14, 2017


The Technical Advisory Group will meet publicly in Woolwich Council Chambers this Thursday at 6:30 pm.. The Agenda is out and looks to be very interesting. There will be a review of all documents received by TAG from December 12/16 until January 27/17. Also Item 4.1.1 is the flow rates for the Elmira Aquifers remediation. As of the last monthly Progress Report (December 2016) Chemtura's initial promised tripling or their final promised doubling of pumping rates has not yet begun. Item will discuss In-Situ Chemical Oxidation which is yet another shameful and embarrassing issue for Chemtura. This is the remediation method which I proposed to CPAC back around 2009 based upon its' use in Cambridge, Ontario. Finally Item 4.1.2 will discuss monitoring on the east side. This of course refers to the Stroh farm and how it was the recipient of Uniroyal/Chemtura toxic wastes from the east side pits and ponds.

For me the more interesting documents to review include the December 13/16 Off-Site Investigation Work Plan and the December 30/16 Fish, toxicity and bioaccumulation data for the Canagagigue Creek provided by the M.O.E.. Obviously the December 22/16 2015 Model Check Point Analysis and the Remedial Action Plan Expansion Design Review of the same date will also be important and raise some red flags.

I have been posting here over the last several days in regards to the Fish, toxicity and bioaccumulation data that is the raw data going into the M.O.E.'s Ecological (Risk) Assessment due out by February 28, 2017. My comments and criticisms have been documented here both in the last several days as well as since the process started in 2012. Similarily the East Side (Off-Site) Investigation of the Stroh farm has to date exceeded the very low standards we've come to expect from Chemtura and their consultants over the decades. Just to be clear by exceeded I mean worse than usual. To date they still have not sampled the "Gap" although to be fair they are talking about it. Talk is by far the best part of all their cleanups. If stalling and delay were an Olympic event; Chemtura and the Ontario Ministry of Environment would be in perpetual contention for the Silver and Gold medals.

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