Saturday, February 25, 2017


Last Thursday I posted here that I was unhappy with the overall process regarding gravel pit Applications and specifically the Jigs Hollow Pit Application. Well since then I've been reading a plethora of consultant's reports and my disgust has only increased. On the bright side I've read both the GRCA's position on removing the Holding Provision preventing below water table excavation as well as the Region of Waterloo's. The Region hired Blumetric Inc. to do a peer review for them. Yes this is the same company from whence our new TAG Chair comes from. Both the Region and the GRCA are opposed to removing the Holding Provision at this time which is appropriate and good news.

The Hydrogeology Reports have certainly been interesting. The earlier ones certainly weren't by any means extensive enough or detailed enough to get a good picture of the hydrogeology of the area. The few wells involved (4) were all very shallow. In discussions I have been advised of issues as well as having found some myself. Full credit must go to Preston Sand & gravel as well as their consultants. They certainly have been inventive, imaginative and clever in their efforts to paint their project as environmentally sound. Afterall instead of rehabilitating the pit back to productive farmland they are simply going to leave a big hole, let it fill with groundwater and call it a lake. Pretty slick that. This Tuesday in Council Chambers should be interesting.

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