Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Well I've been slowly going over the data sent to me finally via the intervention of the new TAG Chair Tiffany Svensson. Kudos to her for doing that. The data was of course released to Woolwich Township six weeks ago and I just received it yesterday. Some of the data is from samples taken in 2014 and 2015 by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. Now you can understand why this cleanup and remediation are approaching the end of the third decade of going in circles.

The Ministry of Environment's Bio-Monitoring, Environmental (Risk) Assessment study or whatever name they choose to give it is horribly flawed. I have been publishing here my comments on the fatal weaknesses and flaws in it for the last few years as individual dribs and drabs of it slowly filter out. That indeed is part of the problem. I and the extraordinarily few who have bothered to read and understand the ongoing, literally for years, data are forced to reread and re-analyse the same reports over and over again in order to then see where the next piece of the puzzle fits into it. Overall these reports are simply meant to swamp and bury non QPs from following and understanding what's going on. QPs of course are the polluters and their friends terminology for Qualified Persons all of whom, unsurprisingly, are working for the polluters and their friends. The Ontario M.O.E. are simply hiding the forest for the trees. All of the data essentially say the same thing. Uniroyal /Chemtura are dirty polluters who have poisoned the natural environment with pesticides, persistent organic pollutants, Dioxins, Furans, P.C.B.s, DDT & metabolytes, mercury, solvents and so much more.

These items have been found above all criteria in the sediments and floodplain soils of the creek. They have been found in the benthic community which are sediment burrowing life forms such as midges, mayflys etc.. They are in fish from fathead minnows to carp, white suckers, pike etc.. They are hence bio-available which is no surprise. The sampling areas as I've previously indicated have been biased in order to pretend that the only areas of concern are very close to the Chemtura site versus the entire five miles down to the Grand River.

At best the Ontario M.O.E. will order a minor cleanup of the creek sediments near Chemtura. They will brag and send out Press Releases as to how they are helping the environment and they've done it all through public consultation with Woolwich Township and their residents. RAC, TAG and CPAC have all criticized their entire pathetic "investigations". TAG under Dr. Jackson was particularily incensed with the M.O.E.s nonsense , lying and disinformation.

This folks is how they've avoided cleaning up the mercury scandal in Grassy Narrows and we are seeing the very same coverup here.

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