Wednesday, February 22, 2017


The evidence of M.O.E. corruption is overwhelming. There is even circumstantial evidence that indicates that NDMA was not suddenly "discovered" in November 1989 via sampling (for the first time) of our south wellfield drinking wells. It's presence at Uniroyal Chemical had been known since the 1970s. Other solvents had been found in Elmira's drinking wells prior to the "discovery" of NDMA.

Currently the Ontario M.O.E. have been sitting on gross contamination in Canagagigue Creek for over two decades. They participated in limited cleanups of creekbanks on the Uniroyal/Crompton/Chemtura property in the mid 2000s but did not follow up a few years later to see if there had been significant improvement in the creek. There has not been. In fact many of the sampling results since 2012 are worse. Clearly the amount of Persistent Organic Pollutants in the natural environment, courtesy of Uniroyal Chemical, is greater than we the public have ever been advised. Yes Dorothy lying to the public is one form of corruption.

Some of the Dioxins/Furans and DDT are undoubtedly still coming from the creekbanks that run through the Chemtura property. This would include both the east and the west side creekbanks. PCBs and Mercury may or may not be directly attributed to Uniroyal Chemical. Decades of dealing directly with professional liars makes it impossible anymore to know when they are telling the truth and when they are up to their old tricks. Extremely limited evidence exists to suspect PCBs may indeed be from the Uniroyal/Chemtura site. Indirect evidence exists that Uniroyal PCBs may have been transferred off-site and then introduced into the natural environment via our other very well known local polluter, Varnicolor Chemical. Again even if Chemtura were willing to once again sit down with local citizens and the public and answer questions is of limited value. See my earlier comments referring to professional liars.

The east side of the Canagagigue Creek running through the Uniroyal/Chemtura property was never hydraulically contained. APT Environment, primarily but not likely totally, resigned from UPAC in June 1994 over the issue of the lack of complete Upper Aquifer hydraulic containment as had been initially promised. We were dumbfounded by the reversal and blatant broken promises in the Control Order of complete containment of all aquifers on the Uniroyal site.

Starting in 2014 I discovered the reason why the Ontario Ministry of Environment went along with this betrayal of the public. They knew that a significant amount of the gross east side contamination was not running due west down the steep slope into the Canagagigue Creek on-site, either via overland surface water travel or sub-surface groundwater. They knew as I discovered in 2014 that firstly there was a contaminant pathway both southwards and eastwards. It was the Stroh Drain probably built around 1985-86 when there was already massive cleanup and removal of buried pits and ponds underway, just prior to ostensibly "discovering" NDMA in the south wellfield. Secondly they knew the basic topography was not as Uniroyal Chemical had stated and implied. In other words everything did not flow from the high ground on the east side of their site either due west directly to the creek or due south into GP1 & 2 in their south-east corner. That high ground on the east side is indeed high ground in all directions including from further east. Uniroyal's toxic compounds had been flowing eastwards from the RPE (Retention Pit East) pits directly onto the Stroh fields and farmland almost from the first day of their operations.

Then there was likely a third reason the Ontario M.O.E. went along with the plan not to hydraulically contain the east side of the creek in 1994. There is visual evidence (Google Earth & Waterloo GIS) of manmade structures running from the north end of Chemtura (Church St.) southwards and eastwards across their property line with the Stroh farm just below (south) of RPE5. These structures or lines do not appear in any aerial photographs or satellite images (if even possible then) I have going back to the 50s, 60s or 70s. I believe that some form of Interceptor Trench was most likely built in the late 80s or very early 90s to intercept toxic groundwater discharging from the east pits and running westwards towards the creek. While there is a Surficial Aquifer in the north-east corner, the Upper Aquifer does exist further south in the area of RPE 4 & 5. This visual manmade structure could be something other than an Interceptor Trench such as the "Waterloo Barrier" invented by the University of Waterloo although I am doubtful.

To date the most we've received from direct questions to Chemtura on this matter are ridiculous comments such as a cattle fence, wildlife fence etc.. It is obvious that the Ontario M.O.E. could have investigated and put this matter to rest. Instead they and Chemtura with support from two idiot (or corrupt?) Woolwich Councillors instead chose to shut CPAC down after the October 2014 municipal election. That this matter has not remotely been addressed by the M.O.E., considering the impact and ramifications, is an abomination. This is one guilty party (M.O.E.) pretending to investigate another (Chemtura). This is what happens when a corrupt organization have a monopoly on access, data, facts, and the entire process of investigation, clean up and remediation.

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