Wednesday, February 15, 2017


First off the broad picture. Common Carp and White suckers were only assigned two locations namely Upstream of Elmira and Downstream of Elmira. In comparison Shiners, Chubb, and Bluntnose Minnows were assigned six different locations, sort of. These were Upstream of the Woolwich Reservoir, Downstream of the Woolwich Reservoir, Downstream of the STP (Elmira Sewage Treatment Plant), New Jerusalem Rd., Northfield Dr. (#22), and Jigs Hollow Rd. (#46).

Sport Fish (allegedly) namely White Suckers and Carp were tested more or less equally regarding sampling for DDT & Metabolites, Dioxins/Furans, P.C.Bs and Mercury. The exception would be the lack of testing for Total TEQ or Toxic Equivalency Quotient for Dioxins/Furans and P.C.B.s combined, Upstream of Elmira. The one test done did have a significant TEQ for both fish. Significant in that it exceeded the fish tissue residue Guidelines.

Forage Fish namely Shiners, Chubb and bluntnose Minnows on the other hand were not tested more or less equally for the four previously mentioned parameters. Shiners were tested for all of them in five of the six possible locations. The exception was Upstream of the Woolwich Reservoir where they were not tested. Chubb were only tested in one location namely Downstream of the Woolwich Reservoir and not for total or combined TEQ of Dioxins/Furans and P.C.B.s. . Bluntnose Minnows were tested for all four parameters in only one location namely Upstream of the Woolwich Reservoir. Obviously detailed comparing of toxic contaminants by either species or location is impossible under these circumstances. It appears to me that the Ontario Ministry of the Environment have done it again ie. intentionally producing a psuedo scientific document that they can and will interpret any way that they want.

Some comparisons are possible. Carp are the prizewinners for both size of fish and size of toxic contaminant load. No surprise there. I am a little surprised with the distribution of Mercury. It is high both upstream and downstream of Elmira. Both these locations however are presumably defined as below the Woolwich Dam. While the highest TEQ was in Carp Downstream of Elmira, Shiners were a surprise. While having only one reading for five locations they were extremely high beating most of the Carp TEQs.

Carp had extremely high DDT & Metabolites concentrations in their residues Downstream of Elmira. That said again Shiners were a surprise, tieing and then exceeding the highest Carp concentrations of DDT & Metabolites at Northfield Dr. (tied) and at New Jerusalem Rd. (exceeded).

P.C.B.s are also a surprise. Shiners had their highest concentrations at New Jerusalem Rd. (96-110 ppb.). Carp were the prizewinners however UPSTREAM of Elmira with readings between 46 and 210 parts per billion (ppb.).

Also of a surprise are a TEQ in Bluntnose Minnows Upstream of Elmira of 1.2843. I find this strange and wonder where it's coming from. Keep in mind it's essentially impossible for fish living below the Woolwich Dam to get upstream past the Dam. Further analysis will continue.

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