Thursday, February 16, 2017


DDT & Metabolites concentrations are much higher Downstream of Elmira in Carp in the Canagagigue than they are Upstream of Elmira. The same thing does not go for either P.C.B.s or Mercury in Carp found Downstream and Upstream of Elmira. The Dioxin data is inadequate Upstream to be certain although Downstream concentrations of total TEQ (PCB & Dioxin/Furan) exceed the CCME (Cnd. Council of Ministers of the Environment) criteria by a large stretch. Dioxins consistently contribute far more to the Total TEQ in fish than P.C.B.s although they (P.C.B.s) are a significant contributor just as consistently.

White Suckers also had their TEQ calculated much more often Downstream than Upstream. That said the Upstream TEQ was very close to the Downstream multiple TEQ values in Suckers. Both P.C.B.s and Mercury had amazingly similar concentrations in fish tissues Upstream and Downstream of Elmira in the Canagagigue Creek. Again DDT & Metabolites are the exception. Their Downstream values are much higher than their Upstream values. While these fish are certainly mobile there are constraints by the Woolwich Dam perhaps a mile or two upstream and the small dam (for firefighting purposes) on the Uniroyal/Chemtura property. Fish can go over these dams once only as they certainly can't travel back above them. Therefore is the M.O.E.'s definition of Downstream and Upstream perhaps a little deceiving here? How is this possible that some chemicals are found in fish at similar concentrations "Upstream" and "Downstream" and others are not? Are there other sources than Umiroyal/Chemtura for P.C.B.s and Mercury upstream ?

These previous fish are referred to as "Sport Fish" by the M.O.E.. "Forage Fish" are the shiners, creek chubb and bluntnose minnows. Their sampling was totally ridiculous to come to any overall conclusions regarding "forage fish" in general however we can see some patterns with shiners. From downstream of the Elmira Sewage Treatment Plant (right at the bottom or south end of Chemtura) the Toxic Equivalency Quotient (TEQ) is much higher all the way down the creek to the Grand River than it is both upstream of Elmira and upstream of the Woolwich Dam. P.C.B.s alone are higher from the New Jerusalem Rd. all the way as well down to the Grand River. Interestingly they are higher at the New Jerusalem Rd. not just below the Elmira STP. Is it possible that we have another source here as well? A source that enters the Canagagigue Creek just below Chemtura Canada's property? Two or three come to mind however all three were recipients of Uniroyal's (& others toxic wastes).

Mercury is simply at Traces levels in all three Forage fish unlike in Carp and Suckers.

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