Tuesday, February 28, 2017


It's so blatant I really am appalled that they seem to get away with it. Some of the documentation being distributed via on-line reports is essentially illegible. These reports are on the Woolwich Township website and they are impossible to read on the monitor and equally as bad when you print them off. Literally I've been resorting to using a magnifying glass in order to read the numbers involved. Disgraceful and shameful.

The next issue involves the intentional omission of all the Winterbourne well records from the hydrogeological study. There are approximately seventy private drinking wells in Winterbourne most likely drilled into the deeper Aquifers. The proponents of the gravel pit have managed to eliminate them from any consideration by claiming that the Grand River magically protects the villagers of Winterbourne from any impacts on their wells. This is beyond ridiculous.

Many more formal Borehole Logs need to be presented. Well records are not the same thing as Borehole Logs. They are helpful but they do not visually show the different stratigraphic layers as clearly as Borehole Logs. Then after Borehole Logs are completed it is much easier and more accurate to produce sub-surface Cross-Sections showing where the aquitards and aquifers are. This is lacking with the Jigs Hollow Pit studies.

Tonites meeting is at 7 pm in Woolwich Council Chambers. I suspect that there will be a good turnout and lively discussion. Citizens need to see the public process for gravel pit approvals/disapprovals for themselves.

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